West Hills Jr High – Summer 2015 Update

What’s happening For Jr High this Summer?

Summer is launching soon, which means students will get promoted to the next grade and we’re getting ready for a fun summer! We had a recent parent meeting discussing jr high ministry and some new features to our program, so here is the recap, plus some information about how it will all unfold (You can find out more detail about this and other news at our Children’s Education webpage: westhillsce.org).

As a church we recently added Leslie Carmichael to our staff to oversee our marketing-communications at West Hills AND to team up with Debbie Kenyon with children’s ministry. One of the great attributes of Leslie is that she has a passion for jr high aged students. This is great, because our Children’s Education department is now going to be overseeing our jr high programs!

Everything kicks off on June 2nd from 6:30-8:30pm for our welcome to jr high pizza and pool party at Debbie Kenyon’s home (980 Maple Ave, Morgan Hill). This will be a chance for our students to hang out, meet our leaders and kick off the summer with a great night.  All the student who will be going into 6th this coming fall are invited to join the students going into 7th and 8th grade in the fall for this great party. It is our way to welcome them to the group and to help connect these students to whats happening in the jr high ministry.


What will this look like?
There will be two phases to this re-launch of our jr high ministry.

Phase 1: The Summer

First, the jr high ministry will begin meeting at 9:00 am in Blue 1 on Sunday mornings for our Sunday morning program where there will be worship and teaching in both large and small groups.

Second, the jr high ministry will continue to meet at ALIVE on Tuesday nights throughout the summer, but at our new time of 7:00-9:00pm. Students at ALIVE meet for games, worship, teaching and small groups, as well as events throughout the summer to help students deepen friendships and build community around Jesus.

Finally, the biggest event we have coming up this summer is Hume Lake Summer Camp. Any student going into 6-8th grade this fall is invited to be part of Hume Lake Jr High. It is a fantastic week of camp, and will surely be memorable and impactful in their lives. Hume Lake is not only an excellent week of fun, but there is also a great theme, speaker and band to help students grow deeper in their faith. You can find out more information and register on our westhillsalive.org website. We only have 5 spots left for jr high and will need to give those back to Hume by June 20th. Cost is $585, covering the cost of camp, transportation and leadership. We know that camp can be a lot of money for most of our families, so we have lots of scholarship money available as needed.

Summary of this summer:

  • June 2nd “welcome to jr high” pizza and pool party at Debbie Kenyon’s home
  • Sundays at 9:00 am in Blue 1
  • Tuesdays 7-9pm
  • Hume Lake Summer Camp July 12-18


Phase 2: Fall 2015 and Beyond

What’s happening this fall?

Our jr high group will become “CREW”, and move from our midweek program to Friday nights. In my 12 years of youth ministry I have discovered that Friday night is a fantastic night for jr high ministry. Jr high students desire a fun place to go on Fridays, and parents want a safe place to send their kids. It makes for an excellent opportunity for outreach to our community and a great way to encourage students to see and know Jesus.

To help make this happen we will be actively partnering with Wyldlife (notice the spelling with the “YL” in the middle). Wyldlife is Young Life’s (YL) jr high ministry which currently meets every other Friday night in Morgan Hill. CREW will be meeting weekly with either CREW on the Hill or CREW at Wildlife. Our goal for Crew is to encourage our jr high students to outreach and develop as leaders through attending Wyldlife together to help bring unchurched kids into a relationship with Jesus.
This is a really exciting time for our church and for our jr high ministry!
How can you be praying and partnering with the jr high ministry?

Please be praying for: The details of this transition time, the leadership team, and that God would use CREW to reach out to kids in our community who do not know Jesus.

How can you be partnering with us? 

Please be asking questions and spreading the word. Here are some other ways to partner with CREW.

  • Want to be on the leadership team? We already have 5 committed leaders on our team but are specifically looking for at least one more male leader.
  • You can host the group for an event
  • Be part of our driving team for events.
  • We are also planning on redoing the Blue 1 space where our jr high group meets on Sunday mornings, including new paint, apple tv to connect easily to our video screen and new seating to help with the teaching atmosphere. Please talk to Leslie or David if you want to help with any of these projects.