High School Ministry Events Calendar

Downtown Scavenger Hunt (Where’s Waldo Theme)
October 30 (Tuesday )
Meet us at GVA Cafe at 7pm (downtown MH).

What to wear/bring: Please bring a jacket and wear shoes that allow you to move – this hunt does take in consideration who ends first and if tasks are completed!.  Every student wearing a horizontal striped shirt will receive points toward team participation. Bonus points will be given for wearing the traditional red/white waldo like shirt. Bonus Points also will be given for each student wearing a costume or theme dressed costume. Students may consider bringing $5 to purchase a soda or have the ability to purchase a snack from a store after our hunt is completed.

Hume Lake 2019 Registration Opens
November 16 (Friday) at 9am
Go here for more details.

Christmas Banquet
December 11 (Tuesday) 
Details coming soon