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This year’s high school winter weekend retreat will focus on growing in our relationship with God through a weekend of serving. We have had many opportunities to go serve in our community and some of our students have even been part of things like La Casa, or overseas mission experiences. However, we have not had a youth mission trip in the last few years.

Partnering with City Impact will be a great weekend for us to be stretched, see God move and honestly have a lot of fun with our friends and leaders we’re serving alongside.

Cost will be $160 for the weekend and we will be going from Jan 16-18th.

Find out more details and sign up here.

Elm St Mission Care Opportunity (ALIVE high school)

Elm StOur ALIVE high school group is going back to Elm St Mission in Santa Cruz to help with the worship service and to serve food for the homeless. Meet at the church office parking lot on Sunday November 9th we will meet at 3pm and return around 8:45pm. This will be a great chance to hang out with our group, to serve and to get to know some of the folks who attend Elm St Mission.

Want to go a step further and help even more? Consider bringing something to donate to the mission. They need men’s clothing (even for the women who come to the mission). Specifically they can use new socks and warm coats.

Fill out this Elm Street Mission Permission Slip and our ALIVE MEDICAL RELEASE FOR 2014 TRIPS if you do not have it on file for the 2014 year and return them to David by Tuesday November 4th.

Neewollah – Oct 28th


Newollah Image We are going to have a fun night filled with games, costumes and snacks at ALIVE on October 28th, from 6:30-8:30, called Neewollah. Invite a friend to enjoy the fun and friendship at the youth group. Every student will be assigned to one of two teams for competition games and costume themes.

Even grades (6, 8, 10 and 12), your costume theme is Christmas. Get creative, this means you can bust out your nativity costume, Christmas tree, giant candy cane, etc.

Odd grades (7, 9, 11) your costume theme is 4th of July. Get creative, this means get out your founding father wig or facial hair, a giant 4, fireworks, etc.

*The top costume will get a iTunes gift card as a prize. 

Worship Night with For All Seasons

Sept 30 6:30-9:15 (Tuesday)
We got invited to go to Venture Christian Church to join For All Seasons, Hume Lake’s worship band from the summer for a night of worship. We got word of this on short notice, so please spread the word. We will meet at the West Hills church office at 6:30 and return at 9:15pmFor All Seasons Night of Worship Persmisson Slip and ALIVE MEDICAL RELEASE FOR 2014 TRIPS are both needed for the event.

This night is for both high school and jr high students.


is our new teaching series starting Oct 14th at ALIVE Tuesday Nights.

The God we worship desires us to know him and be known by him. One of the ways we can practically pursue God is through what has been historically called the practice of spiritual disciplines. If you’re like most people you do not like the word discipline. But anyone who pursues excellence in something puts into practice regular routines to get better. You practice scales on the piano, free throws on the basketball court and drawing shapes in order to paint with greater detail. What makes spiritual disciplines different is that we do not do them in order to be loved more or approved by God, or even to somehow make God show up and respond. These practices of grace and faith enable us to grow closer to God as well as give us the tools to battle against unbelief and distance in our relationship with Jesus.

In this series we will be exploring how to read the Bible, prayer, fasting, living simply, solitude, submission, confession, worship, celebration, communion and sabbath.

Every week we will explore how these things can lead us to Jesus and how in light of the gospel we can experience God’s grace in real everyday life.

Let’s Welcome Tim Cavanaugh

Let’s welcome Tim Cavanaugh on board as our new student ministry intern. God has graciously provided for our youth ministry with Tim who has a huge heart for Jesus and a desire to disciple students and teach God’s word. Tim brings a lot of gifting when it comes to connecting with students relationally, leading small groups and coordinating ministry.

Tim has been a member of West Hills Community Church since 2001. He has recently graduated from a year-long discipleship program called the Joshua Wilderness Institute, located at Hume Lake Christian Camps. He also served at the camp for an additional 6 months before returning back to Morgan Hill. Upon his return, he has been investing his time into the youth ministry, serving as a high school leader. As a disciple of Christ, Tim naturally yearns to see the growth of the youth and to make disciples who will make disciples who will make disciples. God has given him the desire to teach and to shepherd the youth into a deeper understanding of who God is and who they are in Christ. 

We’re excited that Tim is on staff with us and we look forward to seeing what God will do in our student ministries through Tim.

Tuesday Nights: Who is this Guy?

Who is this Guy?

We’re in a series on our ALIVE Tuesday nights asking the question “Who is this guy?” Jesus is one of the most intriguing figures in human history for good reason. His birth, life, death and resurrection would change the world. We are wrapping up our summer asking questions like “What was Jesus all about?”, “How did Jesus treat sinners?”, “What were the miracles all about?”, “Can I really believe the resurrection was real?”

Come find out who Jesus is on Tuesday nights as we have our teaching time and small groups. Both jr high and high school are going through this same series but as separate teaching times and small group times.

Hume Lake 2014 Recap

We had a great time at summer camp! Our students wrestled with the question of “What are you living to make known?” by looking at the life of Paul in the book of Acts as he lived to make Jesus known through all that he did. Hume brought this message to life with a lumberjack theme, which helps us make sense of all the beards and flannels!

If you want a recap of what was taught you can check out the links below for audio recordings of the messages and more camp photos.

Meadow Ranch jr high camp and Ponderosa high school camp. 

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo photo 5

ALIVE Boardwalk Trip

Boardwalk anyone??? That’s right, we are heading back to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk on August 8th. Sadly, they did bump up the prices on things an extra  50 cents. It is $1.50 night now instead of $1.00 night, this means all hot dogs, sodas, cotton candy and rides are only $1.50 each. Invite a friend to come and join the fun. I will be sending a permission slip to get signed if you’re going to need a ride day of. We are planning on meeting from 3-9pm that day. We are giving ourselves two hours drive time. We understand a lot of the students have cars, permission slips are not needed if they drive themselves or their friends. More info to come ASAP.

Go Dodgers!!